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How to Use the Analysis Page

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In the about you section you will see your name, age, gender and weight.  Be sure to update your weight if it has recently changed in the manage profile section to ensure your Archon Score is as accurate as possible. The assessment section gives you an overview of the assessment type and how the scoring works. Your result section confirms the inputted weight and how many reps, along with a factor.  In the strength assessments this simply means how [...]

How to Find Assessments

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Here we will show you how to locate and prepare for an assessment. Once you have logged in, click the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen and click into the Assessments tab. Select the relevant category for your chosen assessment. Select the assessment you would like to attempt or have been asked to complete by your personal trainer. Read the assessment summary to familiarise yourself with the assessment and then click on Assessment Technique video to [...]

How to Input Assessment Scores

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Once you have completed the assessment and have your score, log back in and go to your chosen assessments overview page.  Skip the video or click into score input from the top toolbar. Select how many reps you completed Click on YOUR SCORE and enter how many kilograms were lifted Click on submit score to be taken to the assessment analysis page.  It is here you will find out how you have done. Return to the Platform [...]