Discover what your fitness means to you.

The combine is the place to measure, evaluate and improve. Measure where you are. Evaluate what you need to do, and Improve it for the next time.

It’s the ultimate platform to test your raw fitness ability and find out what your body is truly capable of. Once you know, then however you choose to use that knowledge to improve your fitness level is up to you.

Fitness. For some is a passion, for us it’s our purpose

The dashboard has been designed to give the user a real time representation of where they are in terms of their current condition and to track and analyse their results. This will give valuable insight in how to improve the techniques used in the assessments in order to perform at a higher level next time.

Archon Combine delivers the data you need to decide

Born out of necessity and a need to understand what an average, good or great performance looks like. We want to be able to give anyone a way of recognizing talent in both them and others. We want to you to have the ability to see how he or she compares with those around them on a like for like basis. We want to be able let people see how effective the training method they have chosen to follow or adopt is, in order to reach their goal regardless of what that goal may be. Once you know this, you can work on what you need to do to achieve your own level of success, but only when you know where you’re starting from can you determine where your destination might be.

Learn to love the process

Whether you squat, bench, run, cycle or row Archon has an assessment to not only show you how far you have come, but also how far you have to go. Using specifically designed criteria, we can be assured that everyone is doing the same thing under the same criteria when it comes to our assessments. The Combine takes into account height, weight, gender, age and even anthropometric measurements in order to give the most realistic representation of your current level of ability.

You’re guessing when you should be assessing

Validity and reliability is at the heart of the Archon methodology, and so when it came to designing the assessments we sought the very best the industry has to offer. From the coaches that gave their initial input to national governing bodies like British Weightlifting, they have all helped to design and refine the algorithms, method and criteria to make the assessments as repeatable, safe and effective as possible for all those who undertake them as part of their fitness journey.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together

The combine creator allows you to create a unique bespoke environment to invite your friends, clients, players or anyone who you want to share the Archon experience with. By selecting assessments applicable to your goals or sport it will provide a support system for you to communicate with others and share hints, tips or even arrange training sessions with. Be a part of someone else’s journey as well as your own.

Team beats talent when talent is in a team

Archon combines the talent and intellect of hundreds of people to make it work. From the National Governing Bodies involved to the coaches and athletes you see on the videos, every one of them has had an input into how the combine works. This is the approach we want to instill in others, we want to create a community that will help others to look at where they are now and help them to get to where they want or need to be in the future.

Your great is different from my great

You can never truly know how good or bad something is until you have something to compare it against. The problem with making any type of comparison is making sure you’re comparing your result on a like for like basis with another. There really is no point comparing an apple to orange. Archon uses algorithms to adjust for factors of bodyweight, height differential, gender, age discrepancies and even anthropometric measures so that the grade you receive, and by default the tier that you are ultimately placed into is truly representative of your level of ability.