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Our fitness testing software truly represents the level of fitness, of you and your clients to not just take into account the measurables but also the variables as well. Height, weight, age, gender and in some cases even wingspan dictates how good or bad you are at something and only when taking everything into account can you get a true picture of where you are and where you could get to.

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The Archon Combine Platform

Archon lets you discover a lot about yourself and your clients performance in just a few simple steps. By completing tests performed every day in the gym, out on the road or even at home, Archon can tell when a personal best has been achieved. It gives information on what you or your clients need to do to get better, and by how much. It has videos to make sure everything is done safely and allows comparison to other people, using height, weight, age, gender and even wingspan. Archon can help create friendly competition, selecting exercises or activities that suit your or your clients needs or preferences. It’s ideal for fitness professionals wanting to build great programs for their clients.

Fitness Testing Software


Archon Combine has found a way to reinvent and standardise fitness testing.

The Assessments

We carefully select assessments to reflect the most common movements and exercises that people do in the gym every day and incorporated them into the fitness testing software. We’ll be adding new assessments every month to make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your fitness.


Strength is a huge part of everyone’s gym program. It is the foundation to not only a great physique but also great performances. Test yours or your clients strength to measure, evaluate and improve.



Jumping onto a 60-inch box may look good on social media but doesn’t necessarily represent power. Find out yours or your clients true power by testing and find out which areas need improvement.



If you or your client are into competitive sports you’ll often find yourself needing to perform a planned, or unplanned change of direction. Check performance by completing the Archon Agility testing.



Being able to run, row, cycle or swim, long, fast, or short distances even faster is the backbone to aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Testing your fitness levels will identify which areas need improving.



Bodyweight is commonly a forgotten area of fitness, it’s the most natural form of exercise we can perform anatomically and being able to lift/press your own weight can be incredibly powerful.



We have a tendency to compare our lives with other peoples, even when they are in a vastly different position to the one we are in.  We do the same with fitness; we compare what we can lift by the other people we see in the gym or the speed that we can run by the people surrounding us on the treadmill.  The problem is those people who we are comparing against are often a different size; height, weight and even gender so aren’t representative in the first place.  We are different, we allow comparison based purely on performance.  We recognise that everyone has a different floor and ceiling to their ability and depending on where they sit between those two markers is the only true way to find out their fitness capability.

Archon Combine


It’s not the load lifted from the floor that dictates strength.  It’s not the speed, distance or time that classifies you an athlete.  It’s not height, weight, age or gender that decides ability, these are just ways in which society ultimately categorises us.

It’s about discovery and the acquisition of knowledge.  Just knowing puts you on the start line to progression.  Measuring via a standardised, reliable, repeatable method means you will be able to evaluate strengths and weaknesses.  Then using patience and consistency over the attempt at instant results will bring improvement.

It’s time to go to work.


Fitness Testing Made Easy

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